Elinor Coatings provides novel non-toxic products for metal protection

Our Story

We are a North Dakota company. Recently, Zebra Mussels were found in the Red River of the North and are now present in North Dakota. Through initial research at North Dakota State University and subsequent formulations and multi-year testing in infested lakes in Minnesota by the DNR and private landowners, we were able to develop a durable non-toxic solution to protect any hard surface from Zebra or Quagga Mussels. We realize that invasive mussels are a problem for waterfront owners as well as industrial operations. As the invasive species spreads, we wanted to offer people a tool to manage the infestation on their property without toxins or time-consuming practices. If they can’t stick, they can’t multiply or damage property or cause harm to you, your pets or your employees.

Our Approach

We specialize in solving problems anywhere that non-ferrous metals degrade or foul with our own research and development. We are a CleanTech Company, meaning we constantly strive to find formulations and solutions that are part of the Circular Economy and do not use toxic and heavy metals in our solutions. We believe in permaculture practices and supporting people and companies that value health, wellness and being good stewards of our planet.